About Reiki & Dicey

 ~Reiki Heaven by Jeff Woodall licensed by AmbientMusicGarden.com

What is Reiki?

We are all part of the universal energy, the source of all existence. This energy flows through each of us via energy points called chakras.  There are many points of energy but seven major points center and direct the energy flow between the physical and spiritual body. We are grounded to earth and aligned with the universe. When balanced we experience an existence that is based in harmony, peace and inner stillness.

By origin, Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words “Rei” and Ki”.  “Rei” is the Creative Intelligence that is a part of all that is. This force is known as God, the Higher Self, The Universe and many other names. “Ki” means vital life force.

A Reiki treatment is a hands-on energy treatment in a controlled environment. The recipient is fully clothed and guides the energy as it is channeled from the practitioner. The healer serves as a conduit bringing the healing force of the universe to a person, animal or object.

Reiki is an ancient healing art with a positive contribution to modern and mainstream medicine. Each recipient’s experience is unique and suited to his or her particular need.



Reiki services are not to be construed as a diagnosis or treatment for disease, but rather as an aid to balancing energy and possibly to improving general well being. As such, Reiki services do not substitute for medical treatment or medications. It is recommended that you concurrently work with your Doctor or Primary Caregiver for any condition  under medical management.


Dicey McGrath:

What I Did

I became a nurse in 1971 and thus began my journey as a healer. The roads lead through many states and into a plethora of roles. My somewhat chaotic but perfectly orchestrated adventure culminated in Netcong,NJ.  I met and married my best friend. He taught me to love someone more than I loved myself and then returned home. The emptiness of that loss produced a vacuum that pulled the healing essence of the universe to me.

I began a course of study initially to heal myself and now to assist others in healing. The course of therapy is fundamentally different from the treatments I implement as a nurse practitioner, but nevertheless founded in love and a genuine desire to help. Together, healers may extend the benefit of their impact to heal the world and its occupants. The sum is truly greater that each individual part.

It is an exciting adventure that initially begins with a guide. Once the path becomes familiar, the role of the guide changes. I am such a guide, both a student and a master. Creating the next best version of me and offering a hand to all who seek assistance. It is possible to forge a world founded in love, one individual at a time. Together, our light may illuminate the world.

4 thoughts on “About Reiki & Dicey

  1. The music sets the tone my dear friend, lovely.
    The intention of this website is clear. May it be the foundation block for enlightenment and healing, like a pebble in still water… it is set in motion.
    Love and light, smiles and big HUGS, Haha!

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